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Monthly Archives: April 2007

So, I’m building my own Django-based CMS for kicks and giggles, and I’d gotten it to the point where I can upload an HTML formatted screenplay (exported from Celtx), parse out a ton of cruft that Celtx adds(thank-you to beautifulSoup) , and display it in nicely formatted HTML via CSS (thanks to John August for some of his ideas).  I wanted to be able to offer a way for readers to comment on the screenplay but was foiled in trying to implement Django’s built in comment app.  So, I decided to roll my own comment system.  I had it very nearly in place, save for one little bugaboo: I couldn’t figure out how to associate a comment with a screenplay.  So I turned to the ever present #django channel and asked for help.  Before I could blink, I had two super nice chaps lobbing suggestions at me faster than I could try them out.  They worked instantly.  Turns out, it was a simple thing, just something I wasn’t familiar with.  Anyways, kudos to the Django community.  They really make this experiment worthwhile.


Someone oughta be getting this data. Who better than the venerable A List Apart? The more data on the profession, the better. Especially if we want to buck for raises.

The first Annual Web Design Survey