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Monthly Archives: December 2006

So, after dinking around for awhile with various rails-based blog engines and CMS’s, I ended up getting frustrated. I’m not even sure I can describe the reason why. I’m not a programmer, so I couldn’t pick at any specifics regarding either ruby or rails. What I did feel, is that trying to roll my own CMS in rails wasn’t as intuitive as I thought.

Now, having said that I’m not a programmer doesn’t preclude at least some facilty for writing code on my part. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve done some. I feel like I should be able to get at least a basic CMS up and running, but for the most part I’ve been pretty frustrated. Then this designer guy, Jeff Croft, keeps talking about Django like it’s the best thing since sliced images. So I decide to give it a second look.

I’d tried installing Django before, but couldn’t get it up and running. Adrian (who’s Django’s DHH) even commented on that post, asking what the problem was (I couldn’t remember, it’d been long enough since I’d tried when I wrote that post). In the interim, either my subconcious worked out the installation problem I was having, or the Django folks made it clearer how to install on windows because I followed the instructions, and *poof* a working Django installation.

So I start working on the Poll tutorial on the Django site. I’m following along, making a nifty one-question poll when *whack* I get smacked in the face with this really elegant admin site for creating and managing polls that just came out of left field. I was all like “holyfreakingfritos that’s amazing!”

And then I realized part of what was so dang frustrating about my previous CMS development efforts: I didn’t want to have to code the administive interface. I just wanted to say “this is how a blog post works, this is how I want to show my flicks, this is how I want to integrate Flickr, etc.” The Django admin creates a really nicely designed back end to do all your CRUD, and it Just Works™. I think I might just be learning Python in the future.