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I’m giving Typo another chance. I really don’t feel like building my own custom CMS from scratch, but I do think I could hack some functionality into an already build blog system, and I’m most familiar with rails, so Typo is really the only choice there is, AFIK. Until the Rubish guys get their act together, that is. That’s the custom CMS the RadRails guys use keep all their ducks in a row. With their version 4.0 release, the typo guys claim to have made the install a whole lot easier.

Thing is, I can’t seem to get the stupid thing up and running. My setup: WinXP, Apache 2.0.59 w/ FastCGI, and or course, Rails (other rails apps are working just fine). Every time I hit the public directory of the Typo install, I get this rather generic error, with no help from the logs: “Application Error – Typo could not be reached.”

I tried hitting up the guys in the #typo channel on IRC, but the place seemed dead. There were about 20 people in the channel, and not a single one made so much of a peep after I’d posted my question there. I sat in that channel for like 40 minutes, and the only action happening in #typo was people logging in and out. No one posted a single message.

In the meantime, I decided to check out the installation support forum over here and got really excited to see that there were actually posts there. Closer inspection revealed that the overwhelming majority were questions posted by newcomers like myself. Those posts averaged around 250 views and 0 (as in zero) replies. The Typo folk don’t seem to be too concerned that people are having trouble. Even with the new fancy installer I’m unable to breathe life into my version of Typo.

So it looks like I’m left trying to dredging up insight into “Application Error – Typo could not be reached,” by doing google searches. Nothing to report so far. If anyone has any startling revelation, post a link in the comments. Please.


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  1. OK – So it looks like I had one stupid simple problem, which someone in the #typo IRC channel finally walked me through. Turns out, my shebang line in my public/dispatch.fcgi was wrong. That’s my only problem. I’m on a winXP box, so the default line of #!/usr/bin/env ruby
    wasn’t working. I’d changed mine to #!C:/Program Files/Ruby/bin which wasn’t working either. Then rgibbons suggested that it maybe oughta be #!C:/Program Files/Ruby/bin.exe and presto finally a working Typo install.

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