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I just found out about Fundable, a way to raise funds online. The concept seems cool enough: You set up a fundraising goal, and basically request pledges. No one actually gets charged until the total amount pledged equals the goal. If pledges are slow coming in and the total doesn’t reach the goal by a pre-determined deadline, the all of the pledges are deleted and no one gets charged anything.

The idea is cool, and it was exciting to see that a couple of folks have already tried it out for financing their films (with varying degrees of success). This looks like something I may take advantage of in the future. You’re only limited by how thick your rolodex is. Just like with blogging, the people most likely to contribute are those you know, but, just like with blogging, the possibility exists that folks you don’t know will end up reading (contributing) and that’s what makes the internet so dang cool.


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