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In my last post, I blithely assumed that once I’d get Django up and running, I’d be able to whip out that application in no time.

I couldn’t get Django up and running.

I didn’t spend much more than two nights with it, but I’ve already got rails up and running and I don’t see any reason to mess with getting another web-dev framework installed.  Instead, I’m going to concentrate on learning Ruby/Rails and implementing my own Blog/Forum/Site/Gallery/whatever, instead of trying to hack on Typo.  So far so good.  I’m picking up lots, and the #rubyonrails channel on freenode has been really helpful.

One of the things I’m really getting to like about rails, is its built in testing capabilities.  I can write a bunch of code, and write tests for it to make sure it works without actually having to implement the front end of the website.  This is great because it helps me get all the back-end functionality ironed out, and do all the front end design separately.  Ruby/Rails stuff in one phase, and HTML/CSS in another, instead of all at once in a nasty code jumlbe.



  1. What problems did you have with getting Django set up?

  2. I can’t really remember. That was long enough ago, and those problems have since been driven out of my head in favor of more recent rails issues.

    Like I said, I didn’t invest a whole lot of time or effort into it as I’d been able to get a couple dinky rails apps running in the past. I figured my time would be better spent actually working on my project (and learning Ruby/Rails) than trying to get another development environment installed. I do remember feeling that there wasn’t a whole lot of instructions for getting it up on windows; most of what I was able to find was either OS X or Linux directed.

  3. Adrian, it would help if there were some screencasts for getting Django up and running for both OS X and Windows. Until then, a lot of developers are stuck using something like Ruby on Rails.

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