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Being a cheap, aspiring independent filmmaker, I wanted to set set up a website to showcase my flicks when they’re done. I’ve got a couple things I want that website to do:

  • Full blog functionality for news and other updates
  • Seperate production log for each film
  • Video blog (probably inclusion into iTunes)
  • Secure online store. Pay for a DVD ISO download (via Bittorrent)
  • Production image gallery
  • Forums or guestbook (not sure which)
  • Integration with, Flickr, etc.

Basically it’d be really similiar to He built that site in Django which is a framework for Python, a language with which I have no experience. (I have very little programming experience at all. A C++ 101 class, and a bunch of Flash Actionscript. My experince lies more in a design-oriented direction). I have used Ruby on Rails a smidgen, so I went looking for a Rails-based CMS and basically found Typo was about all there was. Two days now, and no success in getting the thing up and running.

Thing is, most Rails developers are Mac or Linux based, and being on WinXP, I haven’t found a whole lot of help online in getting Typo moving. I’ve got zero PHP experience, so that rules out Drupal and most of the other Open Source CMS’s out there.

Then I found this little blurb in the wikipedia article for Python:

Python is a multi-paradigm language. This means that, rather than forcing coders to adopt one particular style of coding, it permits several. Object orientation, structured programming, functional programming, and aspect-oriented programming are all supported.

The thing that caught my eye there was onject orientation. Now the reason I wanted to try out a Rails solution was becuse Ruby (the programming language that Rails is based on) is an object oriented language. If python allows me to think in the same kind of paradigm, then heck, maybe I’ll give Django a shot. They may not have a full blown blogging engine already built (Like Typo for Rails) but maybe I’ll be able to one-off it myself.  It worked for Jeff.


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  1. Python programming for Django is definitely object-oriented in nature. As the clip you posted states, Python lets you do object oriented, structured, functional, and aspect-oriented, but Django is heavily object-oriented and most Python code you’d write for Django would be that way, as well.

    Ruby is a great language and Rails is a great framework, as well. Whichever way you go, I highly recommend you give building your own CMS a shot. Typo may be a lovely blogging platform (as is WordPress, TextPattern, and several others), but it sure sound like you want more than just a blog. If you roll with a pre-canned blogging package, you’ll almost certainly be frustrated with it’s limitations at some point. If you roll your own CMS, you’ll be able to make it handle whatever you want, rather than being limited to blogging.

    Django’s built-in admin interface makes it faster to write a CMS with than Rails — but you really can’t go wrong with way.

    Good luck!

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    […] Now, having said that I’m not a programmer doesn’t preclude at least some facilty for writing code on my part. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve done some. I feel like I should be able to get at least a basic CMS up and running, but for the most part I’ve been pretty frustrated. Then this designer guy, Jeff Croft, keeps talking about Django like it’s the best thing since sliced images. So I decide to give it a second look. […]

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