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Brian Ford at wrote a great article about John Lasseter that was thought provoking.  He made me question my stance regarding Pixar's success.  The gist is that Pixar wouldn't be successful without the talent of John Lasseter.  I wholeheartedly agree.  His point was that everyone in Hollywood knows that they should make a great story, so if that's all there was to it, they'd be able to pump out hits all the time (kind of like Pixar has done).  In fact, he's so effusive in his praise of Lasseter that it felt as though he was staying that story is secondary to talent when it comes to movies.  With that, I disagree.  But whereas before I was of the persuasion that all you had to have was a good story, and you could make a great movie, now I believe that even if you have one, you still need great talent in order to pull it off really well.

 New formula for success in Hollywood: good story + good storytelling talent.


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