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It's simply amazing how things can sap your time. Buying a house, fixing a house, maintaing a house, maintaining the grandparents. Keeping up relations with my wife. All these things seem to pop up when you think you'll get a couple hours to work on your secret project.

I've finally gotten an outline done of the whole script, and have starting fleshing the thing out in screenplay format. In the meantime, I've spoken with a rather renowned cinematographer, and he suggested that I start out with something in short form in order for me to get something under my belt. He's not the only person to have mentioned doing things this way, and I'm starting to see the merit. I hate to cut down my idea to a short film, so the compromise is to shoot a trailer for the movie, and maybe start showing it around locally in order to drum up interest from investors.

Finding actors has been harder than I thought though. Not that I've tried hard, but everyone I know has declined. So, I'm going to start asking around the local community theaters and see if anyone in those places would be interested. I haven't any money, so the idea is to find volunteers. Rodriguez style. In fact, I hope to make the full length flick that way as well. We'll see.

P.S. In case anyone is interested, I'm using to write, with the screenplay macro to help out with formatting. Talk about a cheap start to an indie flick. Even my writing tools are free.


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