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So, I've been writing this treatment now for more than a month, and I've only got about 5 pages done.

That's not a whole lot.

Actually, I banged that out in the first couple of days. Since then, I've been hard pressed to find the time. (Another reason for the secret demise of many secret projects.) I've got a good job, a great wife, and the coolest 8 month old kid. I'm not wild about the job, but I like it, and it'll do till Hollywood comes calling. But I'd rather not sever relations with the wife and kid, both whom deserve and demand a bit of attention when I get home from work. And I'm too creatively burned out after that to put any reall effort into writing. I get more of my quality work done in the morning when i first wake up.

So, I'm going to get up early. Really early according to my wife, who needs a minimum of 18 hours of sleep a night.

I'm going to start getting up at 4 AM.

My nine-to-five actually starts at 7. I figure that gives me 2 good hours of writing, an hour to get ready for the day and off to work. Then I'm home at 4:30 or so to spend the rest of the evening with my family. If I can manage to get to bed by 9 PM, that gives me seven hours of sleep, which for me, is generally enough.

I'm starting first thing in the morning. Very first thing. We'll see how this goes…


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